The Almarasy Telecommunication & IT Solutions aims to become the leading ‘last-mile’ wireless solutions provider for Internet Protocol based applications and to make this technology possible and available to all enterprises and individuals.


Nowadays, telecommunication infrastructure becomes very vital to provide information by connecting people and businesses together. The introduction of the Internet is considered as one of man’s greatest invention that demands the presence of fast, secure and reliable communications. Therefore, deregulation in the telecommunications industry produces a new breed of entrepreneurs to convey innovative products and services.

Almarasy Telecommunication & IT Solutions is a new established company that aims to provide quality service in the field of Telecommunication and Information Technology. It started its operation in April, 2011 after the chaos of the war in Benghazi, Libya. It offers most up-to-date technology products and services in telecommunication and information technology. Almarasy is a licensed telecommunication provider of VSAT(Very Small Aperture Terminal) services, employing the latest satellite technology to impart seamless connectivity to businesses.

The company believes that satellite technology is the most efficient and cost-effective medium of communication in a country with cities separated by vast desserts and other natural resources. By installing a VSAT remote unit in each location and be instantly connected via satellite for data, voice and video connectivity, people even in the farthest desserts can be linked to its corporate headquarter.

At Almarasy Telecommunication & IT Solutions, we recognize the significance of network reliability and security. As customers depend on us, we are committed to maintain a high level of network up-time and service level. Our VSAT system has been designed with full redundancy built-in that is equipped with the state-of-the-art network monitoring system capable to determine and solve problems before the failure occurs. Our technical support personnel are stationed round the clock and can be dispatched at the moment’s notice. While we are providing the leading edge technology, we believe that people behind it matters the most. Almarasy Telecommunication & IT Solutions is managed and operated by a team of knowledgeable, skilled and highly regarded professionals in the telecommunications and business fields.

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