Fully Mobile Satellite Internet

Fully Mobile Internet Total mobility mobile satellite internet adds high-speed data transmission to phone and fax capabilities via satellite – and you can use it even while driving with 150Km/hour, with the transceiver connected to the rooftop tracking antenna on your car, truck or other vehicle turns into a true mobile communications post wherever you are. It is also appliable to any kind of uplink video stream – TV and radio, data transmission, anywhere on the planet.

Explorer™ 527 is a land vehicular rack mountable BGAN system, consisting of a terminal and a tracking antenna. The units interconnect with just a single cable and are powered by a 12 or 24V battery system. Just switch on and the antenna will log on to the BGAN satellite. the system provides a high -speed data connection for your PC or other data device. Simultaneously, you can make phone calls and receive faxes, stream video and voice over streaming content while mobile and driving.

  • Simultaneous voice, data, video streaming
  • High-Speed data transfer up to 464 kbps
  • Seamless global coverage
  • Support for streaming 32,64 and 128 kbps
  • Standard LAN and phone/fax interfaces
  • Easy system setup and operation
  • Robust, reliable and durable design
  • Bundled with FotoMover, the automated picture transmission system

Based on customer indicated requirements for data capability, size, price and early testing, T&T decided to develop Proof Of Concept (POC) systems based on the early Class 10 definition – 12dBk/17dBW . The selected G/T EIRP Class is expected to perform acceptably at elevations 20° prior to
optimization. Further evaluation and Proof of Concept will be necessary. Class 11 should wait for final channel optimization.

Future channel optimization will result in higher immunity against temporary signal loss and improved performance 20° elevation and will allow use of both classes antennas.