Two-Way Mobile VSAT Satellite Internet Services

iNetVu™ is the revolutionary 2-way high speed Mobile Satellite Internet System for people on the move that need to communicate constantly. It allows transacting business from remote locations similar to the way they do from their central offices.

How does the it work?

  • iNetVu™ allows you to access the Internet at high-speed with your personal computer or laptop virtually anywhere your Vehicle, Motor Coach or Commercial Mobile platform is parked.
  • The iNetVu two way mobile satellite internet system mounts easily on top of vehicles (RVs, SUVs, Vans or any other commercial vehicle) or transportable platform, and with a simple click the dish automatically deploys, locks on to the selected satellite and interfaces with the modem to enable service.
  • Once locked on, you are automatically connected to the Internet at broadband speeds. No phone lines, no cellular hook ups – just instant broadband speed at your fingertips.

Why choose iNetVu™?

Four words: Rapid, Robust, Reliable and Adaptable.

iNetVu offers Satellite acquisition within a few minutes after you have parked your vehicle or platform. The same automount antenna, controller and software work with many of the world’s leading satellite-based Internet providers, namely; AAE, Comtech, EMS, Hughes Direcway, iDirect, iPSTAR, Tachyon, ViaSat, Gilat and Gilat-based systems such as Starband and others. These robotic self-pointing platforms are available in various sizes to meet your requirements.

iNetVu™ advantages :

  1. Simple one button tool, to find the satellite.
  2. Automatically acquires the satellite in 3-5 minutes.
  3. Stows on command and for safety.
  4. Built in GPS (Global Positioning System) for extreme mobility.
  5. It’s integrated with numerous satellite modems (VSAT terminals).
  6. Has worldwide usage, with all the major satellite Internet service providers.